Nisha James

Business Development Manager

To thrive and prosper as a leader in Property Management, your business foundations have to be solid. At First National Engage Eastlakes we have worked extremely hard to demonstrate our strength as a leader in Property Management Services. An essentially integral component of those foundations is to be dedicated to providing exceptional service and support.

As our Business Development Manager, Nisha James has the strength, dedication and perseverance that it takes to uphold these foundations. Having developed efficient and effective strategies in building a strong Property Management Portfolio, Nisha is always seeking to offer her expertise to the benefit of landlords and property investors, and welcomes the opportunity to provide exceptional service and attention to all clients.

As is clearly demonstrated and documented, Nisha's professional approach to all landlords and tenants has increased her service of rental assessments and occupancy rates. Nisha's determination and commitment is displayed in her ability to negotiate the very best terms and conditions for her clients, therefore increasing the value of their investment. Her extensive experience in property management has provided her with the insight and understanding of the most effective way to service her clients and ensure that all requirements are met. These are personal and professional attributes that are very much appreciated by all clients.

To highlight this, Nisha has an ever-increasing referral rate of on-going business, proving that her clients are more than satisfied and confident in the service and attention that they have received from Nisha James. Contact Nisha to discuss how she and the First National brand are able to provide more benefits to you as a valued client. First National has just under 300 offices throughout Australia and the Pacific, our extensive network gives Nisha a distinct advantage when dealing with all clients and property.